And Trippier ran out of double

Kieran trippier was the only representative of the Atlético de Madrid in the final of the European Championship held on Sunday at Wembley between England and Italy. The mattress footballer was the surprise in the eleven of Southgate, who decided to form with three centrals and five lanes to measure themselves against the transalpine team.

The start of the meeting for the Englishman and his team could not be better, because after two minutes of play, Trippier went into the right wing and put a gold service to Shaw for the Manchester United player to overtake the British.

The rojiblanco footballer found a highway in his lane in that first half, with Emerson overflowing. He reached the bottom line on several occasions, carrying danger, and was in charge of taking the corners. But from about 40 minutes on, the game changed.

Italy took control of the match and England, with an advantage on the scoreboard, chose to protect themselves in defense. Thus, the function of Trippier It also varied, having to take more care of this work instead of joining the attack so assiduously.

In the 67th minute Italy managed to tie the contest and three minutes later, Southgate decided to withdraw Trippier to admit the young man Saka, which was in charge of occupying that lane for the rest of the crash.

Italy ended up winning the Eurocup on penalties, and Trippier ran out of double. The Englishman could not conquer the national team tournament after proclaiming himself league champion with Atlético less than two months ago. Now, the footballer will start his vacation pending his future, as the Manchester United he has not forgotten him. Of course, from the Metropolitan have already made it clear that they will not give away to the defender, and that their price is 40 million euros.