And to top it all, Martínez Munuera against Alavés

The Atlético de Madrid
already think about The league, once removed from the Champions
League. The mattress box will be measured this coming weekend at Alaves, at Wanda

And in this moment of need the news of the referee who will whistle him in said clash will not have fallen in the best way. The referee of the Valencian Committee Juan Martínez Munuerto lead the party Atlético de Madrid-Alavés, of the day 28 of The league.

And it is that the mattress box has a long history of disagreements with the Levantine. Many remember that he expelled Griezmann in Girona, because he did not indicate a penalty to the Frenchman and he called him “cagón”; before him Seville, also expelled the Cholo, in a party with several controversial decisions; did not whistle a clear penalty of Casemiro in a derby in the Bernabeu; wrongly annulled a goal to Morata also before him Real Madrid that would have meant the momentary tie on the scoreboard …

To the Athletic He has directed him 17 times, with a mattress victory rate of 52.9% (quite low for what usually occurs in other referees), 17.6% of draws and 29.4% of defeats for the rojiblanco team.