… and Felipe Melo and Balotelli respond: “A phenomenon is created”

Felipe Melo he is not one of those who keep quiet. The tough midfielder came out against criticism from Giorgio
Chiellini in his book and answered him with the same harshness that the Italian used.

The Juventus footballer assured that, with the Brazilian, you always risked a fight and asked the club for his exit as it was a “rotten apple”. “First of all, it would be interesting to know the episodes to which he refers. In any case, I have no problem answering ‘that defender’”, He pointed out to Gazzetta.it.

“When I was in Turin, I never disrespected anyone. I have nothing to say to him and I never will. Does he say that Balotelli should be slapped and that I am the worst of the worst and that he always risked fighting for me? It is too easy to speak ill of others in a book. Perhaps he is still angry with me because I went to Galatasaray and we eliminated them from the Champions League, “he confessed. Felipe Melo.

Perhaps it is also because Inter won everything, and I am an Interist. He is like that, he creates a phenomenon“Insisted the Brazilian, who did not agree said that” something else that comes to mind. We beat Italy in the 2009 Confederations Cup, and then Brazil won it. Maybe he hates me more for that. In addition, at the international level has not won anything. Saying these things has proven unprofessional. This is disrespectful. I stop here and add nothing else. Certain things must remain in the locker room. ”

Balotelli’s response

So or less cut is Balotelli. After receiving harsh criticism from Chiellini for his behavior in the 2013 Confederations Cup, the Italian forward replied. “At least I have the sincerity and courage to say things to my face. You had had many opportunities to do so since 2013, behaving like a real man, but you didn’t. Who knows what you will say one day about your comrades today … If this means being a champion, then I prefer not to be. I never disrespected the team’s shirt. ”

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