Anabel reveals more details about her recent reunion with Isabel Pantoja

The television collaborator Anabel Pantoja, who recently visited Isabel Pantoja in Cantora, he entered the program ‘Save me’ today through a video call and offered viewers some details about his reunion with his aunt.

“I am calm because inside the bad, everything is fine. My visit made him happy, I want to believe it and also, although you may not believe it, we have talked about our things, nothing about the conflict. I avoided the subject ”, transmitted the Andalusian.

Anabel He confessed that “I saw her disconnected and all I wanted was for her to be well.” “She didn’t want to bring it up either. Within what is possible I saw her better. She does not want to have a telephone or have information about anything, “he insisted.

After the insistent questions from her colleagues sitting on the set, the young woman clarified that “I am not going to go into the topic of the private conversation I had with my aunt.” “He has eggs that I have to eat other people’s brown ones!”, She snapped, tired of the nonconformity of Gema Lopez with what he was saying.

Anabel Pantoja in ‘Save me’.