Anabel Pantoja reveals the pasture that was spent to save Omar Sánchez in ‘Survivors’

Omar sanchez last week became new expelled of ‘Survivors 2021’. The canary, who had been very down for weeks, lost in the vote against Lola Mencía Y Lara sajen. However, the week before he managed to save himself and break the most solid duo of the edition, since Palito Dominguín was leaving the contest after spending nine weeks with Lola in Destierro Beach.

Palito and Lola they had remained unbeatable until the arrival of Omar. Therefore, there was much speculation about how much money did Anabel Pantoja spend so that the young man was saved in front of one of the favorite contestants of the ‘reality’. On ‘Save me‘, Antonio Canales placeholder image went so far as to affirm that the niece of Isabel Pantoja it would have spent 12,000 euros to keep her boy on the island. An information that the Sevillian denied then.

Anabel Pantoja and Omar Sánchez in ‘Survivors 2021’ during the visit of the collaborator of ‘Sálvame’.

Anabel Pantoja: “I have spent 1,500 euros”

I have not spent 12,000 euros as they have said, I have spent 1,500 euros”, He pointed out in the Telecinco program. “I do not spend that even dead. I spent it once with ‘Big Brother’ and never again”, He has now said in statements to the magazine‘ Lecturas ’, referring to the passage of his cousin Kiko rivera And his wife, Irene Rosales, for ‘GH DUO‘.

Anabel Pantoja and Omar Sánchez.

Anabel Pantoja and Omar Sánchez.

More than 10,000 euros to make Kiko Rivera a finalist in ‘GH DÚO’

Although he now claims that he regrets, Anabel inadvertently spent more than 10,000 euros in making his cousin a finalist in the “reality show” of coexistence. “I send 250 messages in the morning and another 250 at night”, He confessed then, although later he was shocked when he learned the amount that had been spent in total.