Anabel Pantoja reveals the consequences of her nude: ‘My skin has burned’

Anabel Pantoja surprised this Tuesday in ‘Save me’ when, defying the low temperatures, he undressed live and went out to the vicinity of Mediaset to pose in the snow. However, this action has taken its toll.

Dressed only in panties, the niece of Isabel Pantoja sat on the snow that he has left in his wake of temporary Filomena in various parts of Spain and made one of the most commented posed in recent days. And it is that the great snowfall has not only caused important damage: it has also left all kinds of photographs in its wake. One of the most talked about has undoubtedly been the full nude in the snow that you shared a few days ago Cristina Pedroche placeholder image with his more than 2.9 million Instagram followers.

The collaborator of ‘Save me’ thus dared to pose as the woman of Dabiz Munoz, covering himself with hands and legs. “Challenge achieved!“Exclaimed the gathering, who even made the croquette, yes, dead of cold. It is not surprising, therefore, that her colleagues asked Anabel this Wednesday if her exposure to the cold has had consequences.

Anabel Pantoja undressed in ‘Save me’.

Anabel Pantoja: “I have a slightly burned cheek from the cold”

Did you catch a cold yesterday? That I was worried, that cystitis is very bad …“, He asked Gema Lopez in the Telecinco program. Although the niece of the tonadillera has denied it, she has confessed that she has suffered other consequences after this sounded challenge. “Don’t look, what happened to me was that I have a little burned cheek from the cold and it got congested … Gave me a yank in the left groin”, He explained on set.

Anabel Pantoja this Wednesday in 'Sálvame'.
Anabel Pantoja this Wednesday in ‘Sálvame’.