Ana, the mother of Ana Obregón, dies

Sad news. This Saturday, May 22, Ana Obregón Navarro, the artist’s mother, died at the age of 95, as reported by ‘Hello’. A year after the death of Álex Lequio, Ana Obregón suffers a severe blow again. The actress’s mother was admitted to a Madrid hospital in mid-April for health problems.

Ana, 95, was married to the businessman and builder Antonio García and together they had five children: Ana, Celia, Amalia, Javier and Juan Antonio.

A few weeks ago, the presenter and actress wrote a meaningful message on the networks with a video of his parents: “Welcome home, Mom! Today is the first day in a year that I do not cry out of anger, pain, or sadness. Today I cry with emotion not only because you are back at home Mom (you are a champion), but also because of that infinite love of almost 67 years that there is between Dad and you Thank you both for this moment that I will keep under A key in my heart and that I share with you today as a thank you for taking an interest in my mother’s health and always supporting me with so much affection ”, he wrote in the ‘post’.