Ana Rosa, to Rocío Carrasco: ‘You are not prepared to speak to your daughter and yes to three million people’

The controversy over the documentary of Rocio Carrasco is giving a lot to talk about. Now she has been the presenter Ana Rosa Quintana who has reacted to analyze all the statements, the mistreatment suffered and, above all, the relationship that the mother has with her daughter.

Ana Rosa has spoken in her program today after hearing the reasons why the interviewee does not pick up the phone to Dew Flowers: “That the therapists recommend this, it will be true, I do not doubt it.” However, the presenter comes to a reflection as a spectator: “What happens is that you are not ready to talk to your daughter and you are ready to send the message to three million people …”

“I do not know to what extent this is liberating for her, it is opening up the channel,” he continues to explain. Ana Rose about the value of Dew to sit down and tell every event of your life in detail.

“We all understand the suffering of a person because it is seen, especially after the first episode, for whatever reasons, due to the origin, the disqualifications of his ex-husband, we all understand and empathize,” he says Ana Rose.

On the other hand, the journalist wants to clarify: “There will be people who have lived things, other opinions that cannot be disqualified and it is not you are with me or against me, life is not like that and nobody has the absolute truth.”

To end, Ana Rose declares that “we are all loaded with reasons, she is loaded with reasons, her daughter is loaded with reasons” and that she understands the objective of Rocio Carrasco: “What she asks is that the trial be reopened and that she speak.”