Ana Rosa Quintana’s last slip in the middle of the program: show her bra

Ana Rosa Quintana is very given to giving us headlines almost every day. Spending so many hours live can take you to commit some other slip or to make comments that remain for the story.

This Thursday, the presenter wore a beautiful green shirt with black polka dots – her love for Andalusia and, especially, for Seville is known – but she did not notice the semi-transparent fabric hinted at her white bra.

The presenter wore a green shirt that showed through her underwear.

The journalist spent the rigorous 4 hours of her program without noticing that this Thursday’s look was playing a trick on her. However, this was not the only curious moment of yesterday, since the presenter lived a bizarre situation when he gave way to his partner in ‘It’s already noon’, Sonsoles Ónega. And all for a comment about the dog of the collaborator Cristina Tárrega. Ana Rosa spun this theme with the connection with Ónega telling her: “And because Charlie is very cute (in reference to Tárrega’s dog) and Sonsoles Ónega’s is also very cute,” which caught the presenter off guard.

“The what? I have not heard you ”. “Your little dog”, answered Quintana. “Oh, the hair?” Sonsoles understood, which caused the laughter of Ana Rosa and her collaborators. “The dog, grandmother”, Quintana repeated, that had to cut the connection due to the attack of laughter from both live.