Ana Rosa Quintana takes revenge on ‘Save me’: she will launch a documentary on the life of Rocío Flores

It is no secret that the issuance of the docuserie ‘Rocío Carrasco, tell the truth to stay alive’ has blown up internal peace within Telecinco.

The testimony of Rocío Jurado’s daughter has widened the gap that already existed between the chain’s two major flagships: Ana Rosa Quintana and her production company Unicorn Content, and ‘Sávame’ and her production company ‘La Fábrica de la Tele’.

The darts that Carlota Corredera has thrown almost every Wednesday at the ‘deniers’, among whom are both Ana Rosa and her collaborator Alessandro Lequio, They have led the ‘queen of the mornings’ to boycott the docuserie, which has not been discussed in her program for several weeks.

Well, besides this, everything seems to indicate that there will be a powerful counterattack by Quintana. And it is that as published this Monday by the journalist Jesús Manuel in ‘El Chismografo’, His production company would be finalizing an agreement with Rocío Flores to tell her version of events.

The young woman, who for a few weeks has been collaborating with ‘The Ana Rosa Program’ commenting on ‘Survivors’, In this way, he would have the possibility of counteracting the harsh testimony of his mother, and he would do it with the same format.

It would be a docuseries of several chapters in which Rocío Carrasco and Fidel Albiac would not be disappointed., who seems to have been in the spotlight for a long time.

We remember that the week we already echoed that the broadcast of the last episode of Rocío Carrasco’s docuseries had turned on Rocío Flores, who was willing to talk and ‘pull the blanket’.

This is all a conspiracy mounted by my mother and by Fidel. I am looking forward to telling my story and telling what Fidel did to my brother“The young woman would have said behind the cameras, according to Miguel Frigenti.

What’s more, the young woman repeatedly denied the assault on her mother, something that has tried to reach as many journalists and collaborators as possible.