Ana Rosa Quintana surprises AstraZeneca with her defense

Ana Rosa Quintana has taken advantage of the space in her program to make a plea in favor of AstraZeneca. And it is that the presenter has assured that I would have no problem getting vaccinated with the dose of the British pharmacist in case he had to.

There is nothing more typical of the new normal than talking about the daily data of the incidence of the coronavirus and about the percentage of new vaccinated. For this reason, in ‘The Ana Rosa Program’ they also echoed this Wednesday the debate about the possible side effects of the vaccine. The collaborators put on the table for debate whether vaccination with the doses of the British pharmaceutical company could be related to cases of thrombosis of some vaccinated.

The debate continues around the side effects of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

One of the data provided to the audience is that a person responsible for the European Medicines Agency confirmed that possible relationship, at which point Quintana claimed to “understand people’s concerns.”

The journalist, however, wanted to launch a spear in favor of the vaccine, clarifying a question that many asked themselves: “I am in this quota now that it is my turn to get vaccinated,” she began by explaining. “They call me tomorrow, I’m going to go and I’ll put it on”, he assured, not without first appealing to the competent authorities to reassure the population: “I understand that people are concerned and that we need urgent information … As long as they don’t give you the information, maybe it’s better to stop ”.