Ana Rosa Quintana explodes live: ‘Señor Iglesias, you are a fascist’

What the relationship between Pablo Iglesias and Ana Rosa Quintana is not good It is something that we all knew already, but in the last hours the tension has risen a few degrees.

The death threats suffered by the United We Can candidate have been the trigger for the war between the two to reach its highest levels.

And it is that this very Monday the journalist has been dispatched at ease against the former vice president of the Government, whom he has called a “fascist”.

Look, a fascist is the one who points out those who think differently. It is not democratic. Mr. Iglesias, you are a fascist. And the rest because we are communicators, we have information, we tell what happens”He said at the discussion table of his program.

“Here is a turning point: we are complaining about the things that happen to us and we are pointing to specific people. Hey, I’m not 26 bodyguards, huh? I live in Madrid, in a normal house, with my children, I go to the market, I go to the park, shopping, to the health center, and I don’t have any bodyguards. And you are pointing at me. And this is pure fascism”He continued.

It was his response to the words of Iglesias this morning on Cadena Ser in which He assured that the problem of the extreme right “is not only Vox”.

“Now, while we are talking, I see on Telecinco that Eduardo Inda appears, who is the one who has made the speech of the extreme right popular. The serious thing is not that Mrs. Ayuso spread the hoax that the competences in the residences were ours when it is clear what happened. Is that if Ana Rosa Quintana is repeating it in a prime-time program, we have a media spokesperson for the far right spreading lies as if that were normal in a democracy” lament.