Ana Rosa Quintana comes out in defense of Rocío Flores: ‘We must not denigrate her testimony’

This Monday, the presenter Ana Rosa Quintana has not hesitated to publicly support Dew Flowers, which last week debuted as a collaborator on his show. The Madrilenian has transmitted that the young woman “is suffering” and that “her testimony should not be denigrated.”

“We all believe Rocio Carrasco, you are counting your feelings. But for the fact of believing Rocio Carrasco The testimony of her 25-year-old daughter should not be denigrated, ”argued the journalist. “I’m not going to add anything else, but Dew Flowers, I do believe you”.

On the other hand, Ana Rose he insisted that “this girl is suffering.” “He is suffering harassment, re-victimization. And that cannot be denied, regardless of the mother, the father, the mother’s husband, the father’s wife … They are children, “he added.

“This creature is being tremendously unfair and harsh, because he has the right to have feelings,” he said. “The harassment that this girl is suffering is unfair. You have expressed your feelings, what you think, what you feel. And it is not possible to speak more openly than her without entering into conflict ”, he sentenced.