Ana Pastor: ‘Arcadi Espada always gives off the same stench’

On March 5, Netflix premiered ‘Nevenka’, a three-episode docuseries reminiscent of the case of Nevenka Fernández, the councilor of the Ponferrada city council who reported sexual harassment to the mayor of the town between 1995 and 2002, Ismael Álvarez (PP).


At the forefront of the successful production, one of the bombings of last month on the streaming platform, was Newtral, the multimedia startup led by the journalist Ana Pastor, who was overturned with the dramatic experience of the former politician.

LThe majority reaction of the audience after seeing the docuseries was of consternation and support for the victim, although contrary voices have not been lacking either.

It is the case of Arcadi Sword. The journalist has published this Sunday an article in ‘El Mundo’, entitled “Ismael’s Passion”, in which he describes the television production as “garbage” and criticizes that only the victim has been given a voice.

His harsh words have outraged Pastor, who has not cut a hair when responding, recalling the long history of controversies that persecute the journalist.

Two years ago he attacked children with down syndrome and their families. A year ago he attacked the victim of La Manada. And now he attacks Nevenka and defends the convicted sexual harasser Ismael Alvarez. Arcadi Espada always gives off the same stench”He wrote on his twitter account, an opinion shared by many other people this Sunday morning.

I believe that we have changed, for the better. If you think about more recent cases, like that of the herd, there were people even in the field of the judiciary (it was debated whether it was assault or rape) who said that what was a woman doing entering a portal with five men. It’s a bit similar to what they said to Nevenka back then. In the case of the herd, it was not necessary to wait for a sentence by several instances, but from the beginning the treatment that was being given to the victim from some media, for example, was questioned. Nevenka didn’t have that opportunity. We have improved, but there is still a long way to go”Stated Ana Pastor a few weeks ago in an interview with‘Harpers Bazaar‘.