Ana Obregón charges against Irene Montero: ‘Please, don’t add more graves’

Irene Montero announced just a few days ago that it would allow itself to hold, as every year, demonstrations for women’s day this next March 8. This decision has generated discomfort in many areas, being harshly criticized by many personalities.

The last to join this group has been Ana Obregon, that with a hard letter addressed to Irene Montero has charged strongly against the Minister of Equality.

“8M is the International Women’s Day. The Minister of Equality has called demonstrations despite the pandemic. Out of respect, I’m going to refresh your memory because sometimes the synaptic connections of neurons with so much trouble slow us down.

-1 / Scientific studies (Imperial College) have shown that if it had been confined Spain one day before the 8M demonstrations, 20,000 deaths would have been avoided.

The Minister of Equality, Irene Montero

-2 / The Ministry of Equality, with the support of the Prime Minister, celebrated the 8M Against the European criteria of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, which advised against holding it.

.-3 / Yesterday they died in Spain 400 people for the pandemic. Mutations (misnamed Strains; a strain is when the virus is fixed) English, South African, etc. .. are more lethal especially in younger people. They are spread despite wearing masks if a distance of 2 meters is not maintained.

-4 / The WHO and the real experts advise avoiding crowds.

We all want this pandemic to end, but our minister insists on celebrating these demonstrations so that the fourth wave begins before the third ends, so that women of all ages are infected and die, so that workers continue to ruin themselves.

Please don’t add more graves to government mismanagement. Luckily the Minister of Health has said that she will not attend.

Because not attending does not mean that we are not feminists, it means that we want to avoid more deaths. And that exalts women. This is my humble advice, Irene.

From a mother to another mother, from a single mother who has educated care and worked without having to use (as they say you have done) a nanny paid with public money, a mother who has not had Pablo to buy her a chalet and to have a ministry (how lucky), a mother who has held her son’s hand fighting cancer and has not let go of her until the last moment.

Don’t be fooledRaise your words, not your voice. It is the rain that makes the flowers grow, not the thunder ”, he ends up writing in a post that has already generated a multitude of responses.