Ana de Armas, caught with her new illusion after her breakup with Ben Affleck

As they say: “a dead king, put king.” Y Ana de Armas seems to have taken the saying at face value. Just a few months ago the actress put end of their relationship with him also an actor Ben affleck and there already seems to be r
recovered the illusion.

But, yes. This time with a man much less known. In fact, a stranger. At least on this side of the pond. Although in view of the photographs, with the same or more attractive than the American.

The pictures were taken in The Angels, where for years the protagonist of ‘The intership’ (and we suppose the boy too). In them, the couple can be seen taking a walk with their dogs and having a drink later. It is true that at no time were they seen in an affectionate attitude, but the alarms have jumped at what could be the new couple of the summer.

For its part, Ben affleck He has not been seen with any other women since the news broke. Of course, in his garbage some curious found a cardboard figure of Ana de Armas in real size. A gesture that shows that the American has also removed the interpreter from his life.