Ana Carrasco: ‘This weekend is a test to see where we are’

Ana Carrasco (Cehegín, Murcia, 1997) He is racing again this weekend after nine months out with a fall in which he fractured two vertebrae. After a long recovery and still not being 100%, he assures EFE that he does not set objectives and that he will use the Grand Prix in Motorland (Aragon) as a real test to “see” where it is. Of course, with “more desire than other years.”

During the time away from the circuits, the Murcian pilot had time to look beyond motorcycling. I create ‘Dorsal 11’, a global marketing agency with special attention to women’s sport with which they want to “transmit what they have learned” to help other athletes to “earn a living with their sport”

Question: Nine months later you are going to compete again. What are your feelings?

Answer: I have more desire than other years. It’s a different feeling because racing again after such a long time is different. Yes, I have been recovering and training for a long time to be ready for the start of the championship and I am looking forward to starting tomorrow, see where I am and see what we can do this weekend.

Q: As if it were a second debut, right?

R: (laughs). Yes, indeed. When you have not competed for so long, the first race of the year is more exciting than the rest. I return to my normality.

Q: Long time without competing… have you thought about it a lot?

A: The truth is that I am not thinking about things too much, so I have tried to think as little as possible. It is clear that all the time that I have been standing I have tried to recover as soon as possible, but at the level of competition I have tried to think as little as possible because I have to wait to see how I am before setting goals that I may not be able to meet.

Q: How different this you say compared to other years. I remember when we spoke before starting the previous championship, he told me that he wanted to take away the number ’11’ from his number ’11’, and now it seems that he is not thinking of winning the World Cup.

A: (Laughs) Yes, I do think about winning the World Cup; In the end the objective is to fight to win, but the approach is different from other years in which you arrive in shape after doing a full season. Right now, we have to see where we are. In preseason we have been fast on all circuits, but it is different from competing. This weekend is a bit of a test, to see during training where we are and what we can do. If we are to win, perfect, it would be his thing; and if not, to keep working and find a good result. We have the whole year ahead of us and we have to try to improve every day.

Q: What has cost you the most when you get back on the bike?

A: Physically, when I started, I was quite regular, in terms of physical preparation and level of positioning on the motorcycle because it is very demanding at the level of the neck, cervical … At the beginning I even had vision problems and it was a complicated few months in that sense . I am progressing, but at the level of pain and sensations, not at the rate that I would like. I’m improving, but I need to improve more and I don’t know how long it will take me to get it back.

Q: In this time of injury it has given you to look beyond the competition. He brought out ‘Dorsal 11’, his sports marketing agency together with his right-hand man Eliseo Carrasco, and you have recently teamed up with WOT to promote women’s sports. How did this idea come about?

A: Yes, I was able to do other things that I had wanted to do for a long time and that I never could. In that sense, I am happy to have been able to launch ‘Number 11’ with Eliseo. We had been talking about it for a long time and we are very excited to be able to help other athletes who are arriving in some way. Happy, excited and eager to pass on what we have learned over the years to other athletes so that they can earn a living with their sport.

Q: And also with renowned people, such as the latest addition of Vero Boquete, international with Spain and current Milan player.

A: We are happy because I followed Vero for a long time, and she followed me too. Having the opportunity to work with her, with one of the best footballers we have ever had, is very exciting.

Q: Being your countryman, I have to ask you about him. Pedro Acosta is dazzling on Moto 3. Do you know him? What can you say about him?

A: I know him because we have trained many times together. When he was still living in Murcia we trained with the same coach, who is the one who accompanies him now. He has always been very fast, although what he has done no one expected; me neither. Going to the World Cup and doing well from the beginning is difficult, but there it is. He is succeeding, taking advantage of the team he has and that in the category there is no clear leader like other seasons. He has taken all that and the one who makes the difference is him.