An outrageous comment slips into Real Madrid-Eibar: ‘These feminazis …’

Indignation and rejection in social networks at a comment that leaves much to be desired. Many users have been outraged by the words of this TV commentator during a women’s soccer match. And is not for less.

“Jorge, they never had to play. They had to ban it. These feminazis they want, man, equality. This phrase was pronounced during the match between Real Madrid and Eibar (2-0) of the First Iberdrola, during an alleged shutdown of what appears to be the chain of the international broadcast of ATA Football.

The open mic gave a bad move to one of the people in charge of broadcasting the game.

Obviously, reactions have not taken long to appear and respond to this unfortunate mishap. Among them, the former player Ainhoa ​​Tirapu, one of the footballers who led the collective agreement in women’s football has exploded on her Twitter account: “Sometimes you don’t want to follow. But I tell you one thing. THEY WILL NOT WIN, WE ARE MORE! Let’s continue working for a better society. Sancho barks, signal that we ride ”, has written.

Your message has had hundreds of ‘likes‘, While criticism has multiplied towards this type of people who do not quite accept that women’s football is growing unstoppably.