An open microphone plays a trick on Ana Blanco: ‘I don’t know where the air is coming from …’

An open mic
he has played a trick on him
to the presenter of the TVE newscast, Ana Blanco, while it was live. It just happened in the final stretch of the newscast, when they broadcast Carlos del Amor’s piece about Coque Malla.

At that precise moment, the open microphone allowed us to hear the words of Ana Blanco, who asked her colleagues where she had to position herself to continue the TVE space. Where do I put myself? Where do I put myself?
I don’t know where the air gives me at this point!

How could it be otherwise, social networks echoed what happened in the episode produced in the direct of the newscast.

It should be remembered that TVE recently premiered a new set for the Newscast, so the presenters change places, both standing and sitting in different planes to report current events.