An open mic discovers a reaction from Cristina Pardo in her latest ‘Liarla Pardo’

Cristina Pardo This Sunday has put an end to his journey in ‘Liarla Pardo’ after three years at the helm leading the current space of ‘LaSexta’. The journalist from September will present ‘Más Vale Tarde’ together with Iñaki López, host of ‘LaSexta Noche’, after the departure of Mamen Mendizábal.

In this Sunday’s program, Cristina Pardo introduced her collaborators Gonzalo Miró, Marc Vidal, Ramoncín and Celia Villalobos. Shortly after, the chef David de Jorge joined, who with humor made a kind of presentation for today’s special program.

“With the great Cristina, with Gonzalo ’empotrator’, with Celia, who is hungry all the time and I love it, I would marry you, with the great Ramón and, above all, with the viewers,” he said at the beginning, adding about what was going to happen on the show. “” We will relax for a while. The great Troy, who has a good rhyme, will do some of his and there will be a surprise. Liarla Pardo is a constant surprise, a strong hug and Cristina I love you ”, the Basque finished.

Well, as soon as this presentation is finished, an open mic has discovered a funny reaction by Cristina Pardo, which has been the most natural. “Fuck buddy, I shit my milk.”

This has been a very special program for Pardo, who in a few months will face ‘Better Afternoon’. She was even moved and could not hold back her tears, especially when Javier Badules appeared by surprise to sing a jota dedicated to the program: “Now that you go with Iñaki, the afternoons to present, Cristina, at your farewell, the jota is not to be missed ”.

Cristina Pardo has not been able to hold back the tears in her last ‘Liarla Pardo’