An F3 breaks in two after a serious accident at Silverstone

In the first race of FIA Formula 3 in Silverstone disputed this Saturday in the British Formula 1 GP, Oli Caldwell It gave the great fright of the weekend when it received a strong impact from the car of Lukas Dunner, who could not do anything to avoid the blow.

Caldwell made a spin and his car was crossed in the middle of the track, something for which Dunner ended up hitting the car of Oli. Fortunately,
Lukas He was able to turn enough to avoid hitting the center of the car, and the impact was in the rear, something that caused the entire spoiler of the car and one of the wheels to detach from the car, splitting it in two.

Luckily, both drivers are well and do not suffer injuries after the spectacular crash, especially considering that this type of incident in which a car hits at full speed with a car stopped in the middle of the track are usually the most dangerous situations for pilots in racing.

Olli Caldwell, after the accident

“Hi guys, great accident, but everything is fine! Too bad for the result, but thank you so much to the medical team for taking care of me, ”said Caldwell on Twitter after the accident.

Oli's car split in two from the back
Oli’s car split in two from the back