An employee of an equestrian center is arrested for placing a camera in the women’s restroom

The National Police has stopped at Alcorcón to a stable boy from an equestrian center who installed a hidden camera in the women’s bathroom to capture images of intimate content.

The arrested man, who was an employee of an equestrian center, where he worked as a stable boy, took advantage of this condition to hide a camera in a female bathroom to record the victims, one of whom detected the camera and reported it, as reported by the Madrid Police Headquarters in a note.

However, once there, the agents were able to verify how someone had removed the camera from the place where it had been located by the user.

During the investigation, the agents verified that days later someone replaced the coat rack with the hidden camera on the door of the women’s bathroom, for which they proceeded to remove it and intervene.

After taking the pertinent steps, an individual who works as a waiter on the farm was identified as the alleged perpetrator.

Last June, the agents arrested this man as the alleged perpetrator of a crime against privacy, for which he has already been brought to justice.

In the search of his home, the police found a laptop, various memory cards and other electronic items that were seized.