An elite referee in Italy breaks the mold on television

It has gone practically unnoticed but on Sunday a historic event took place at the “Calcium”. A referee intervened live in a television program shortly after directing a Serie A match and while the day was still being played to give his impressions.

The referee in question is Daniele Orsato, 45, with extensive experience accumulated in 420 Serie A matches and also as an international since 2010. Last August he directed the Champions League final that Bayern Munich beat PSG (1- 0).

On Sunday, at 3 in the afternoon, he was in charge of delivering justice in Spezia-Parma and a few hours later he took part live in the legendary 90º minute program that has been broadcast on RAI since 1970. He did not avoid any technical questions or about past mistakes that, as he admitted, “happen to all of us, us included. We are the first to admit them and suffer them, and then we promise to improve so that they do not happen again ”.

Initiative of the new referee chairman

The initiative comes from Alfredo Trentalange, the brand new president of the Italian Association of Referees (AIA) after being elected on February 14 last. Prestigious ex-international collegiate, he considers that the members of his collective should speak more in the media.

Trentalange hints that there could be more television appearances, although he does not guarantee that there will be more interviews with the referees in the future after directing a match.

Under study plus live interviews

“We are thinking about it and talking about it,” Trentalange told Radio Anch’io Sport. “We share these ideas, although it is premature to address this issue for now.”

“It was an important moment for Orsato to speak in the media. Now we must reflect on the future, but it was a good start, ”added Trentalange. “We are not good at communicating, we are better at refereeing, but if you know the referees it will be better for everyone.”

Referees in Serie A, great goal

Trentalange also revealed that “my dream” is that in two years the Serie A matches can be led by women. “We want to support the referees, who are showing that they are at the highest level. We must take them into consideration and I hope that this issue will accelerate ”, he concluded.