An Athletic cub scores the goal that Pelé never scored

Nico Serrano, Bilbao Athletic player, has scored the goal in Lezama today that Pelé never got. The young left-handed winger of the rojiblanco subsidiary has beaten Otaño, goalkeeper of the tudelano, with a shot from the center of the field. The Brazilian star tried it in his day against Czechoslovakia and, although he did not achieve it by little, his attempt went around the world.

Serrano’s spectacular goal came in the 52nd minute of the game. The Bilbao Athletic striker has seen the Tudelano goalkeeper advance and has surpassed him with a shot pumped from near the center of the field. A goal of great merit and of undoubted plastic beauty.

Pelé’s famous action dates back to the World Cup in Mexico 70. The ‘canarinha’ was measured against Czechoslovakia when Pelé saw Viktor, the rival goalkeeper, ahead and, from his own field, sent a shot that went very little. That action went around the world despite the fact that the ball did not enter the Czech goal and passed into eternity as “Pelé’s goal.”

Nico Serrano, who turned 18 on March 5, has been much more precise and accurate than the Brazilian with his launch from the middle of the field. The rojiblanco had signed another of his team’s goals a few minutes before.