An ‘American Idol’ contestant faints on stage and is urgently hospitalized

Tremendous scare the one experienced during the last broadcast of ‘American Idol’. Funke lagoke, contestant on the show, collapsed on the stage when the jury was preparing to give the verdict of his performance. The incident shocked those present, who quickly came to help the participant after the strong blow to the head.

The young woman performed the song Tell Him, by Barbra Streisand and Celine Diom, along with her partner, Ronda Felton. When he finished, Funke Lagoke suddenly fainted on stage, lying on the ground. The ‘American Idol’ team quickly attended to the participant, who was rushed to the hospital.

A contestant on ‘American Idol’ faints on stage and is urgently hospitalized.

As the ABC’s ‘American Idol’ team explains, Funke “She was transferred due to dehydration and discharged from the hospital” shortly after what happened. The fall caused some superficial injuries to his face.

They also reported that the young will return for the next round “, since she and her partner Ronda Felton received the approval of the jury.

[+] This was the performance and subsequent fainting of the young singer: