Amazon unveils the first trailer of its biographical series on Maradona

Amazon Prime Video announced this Monday the premiere of a new biographical series about the Argentine Diego Armando Maradona, produced by BTF Media, in co-production with Dhana Media and Latin We, which will feature 10 episodes in which the “key moments in the life and career of the legendary soccer star” are captured.

“Maradona: Blessed Dream” will be issued to end of this 2021 in more than 240 countries. The actors who play the ‘10’ throughout its different stages are the Argentine Nazareno Casero, Juan Palomino and Nicolás Goldschmidt.

The series will take a tour of his prolific career from his humble beginnings in Villa Fiorito (Argentina) to Barcelona and Naples, passing through the peak of his professional career, the World Cup in Mexico’86 in which he raised the cup to the sky Aztec stadium.

The production shot in Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Italy and Uruguay is led by Alejandro Aimetta as executive producer, scriptwriter and director of the episodes shot in South America. As scriptwriters, in addition to Aimetta, there will be Guillermo Salmerón and Silvia Olschansky.

The episodes located in Spain and Italy are directed by the Spanish Roger Gual and the Italian Edoardo De Angelis, respectively. Also in charge of executive production are Francisco Cordero, Liliana Moyano, Mari Urdaneta, Ricardo Coeto and Luis Balaguer.