Amaia Salamanca falls in love with her fans with this image ‘without filters’

It is difficult to show up on social networks completely naturally and without filters. Most famous and well-known faces take advantage of the retouching that technology offers us to always appear splendid and without imperfections. But Amaia Salamanca you don’t see it that way. The Spanish actress has decided to show herself as she is, with her gray hair, why not, because age passes and there is no reason to hide.

That is why his last publication showing his gray hair has made all his fans fall in love.

More and more, many celebrities they are feeling comfortable with their gray hair and even flaunting it. No dyes or anything that hides the passage of time. And the 35-year-old actress from Madrid wanted precisely to send that message.

This Thursday, through his Instagram, where she has close to a million followers, the interpreter of Gran Hotel or Brain drain has published a selfie that has been taken inside the car in which the gray hair of her bangs can be clearly seen.

“Without filter or filters”, has titled the image Salamanca, as well as with several nature emoticons: some autumn leaves, a bud, a ladybug or a fox, so that each one can draw their own conclusions. Of course, the publication has been filled with likes and comments.

It should be noted that a large number of his followers have thanked the interpreter for the sincerity of his publication, who for a long time has stopped responding about why he has not gone through the altar with his partner for 11 years, Rosauro Varo, father of his three children (Olivia, Nacho and Mateo).