Álvaro’s brutal ordeal after the Neymar episode: Threats and fear

Álvaro González and Neymar They were released from sanction after an episode of alleged ‘racism’ that went around the world. The Brazilian accused the Spanish central defender of being a racist and then a wave began against the soccer player of the Olympique de Marseille, who now breaks his silence with Irene Junquera to talk about the bestial ordeal he lived through.

“Now I’m fine,” Álvaro begins by saying before recounting everything he suffered after the game Marseille-PSG. “I realized what it meant when I arrived in Marseille. We landed and more than 2 million messages began to arrive on my phone, which I had never seen a similar number, with all kinds of threats, messages in other languages ​​… I did not understand anything. They sent me the photos of the cars that we used, or that they were going to come to my house to kill me or how one day messages will come to light that they were going to go to my father’s store to kill them ”.

Calvary, how could it be otherwise, terrified Álvaro, who began to be the focus of criticism around the world because of the impact Neymar. “I have been afraid because this has never happened to me and I think that going from a public person to a private person and everything that moves around you, like family, is very complicated. At the moment that it is known that night I do not sleep. The Neymar wave is very big. I believe that not even he knows everything he is capable of doing. The next day my parents were with me because of their fear, mine and being together ”, says the Spaniard, who says that it has been“ wrong, my parents were the mirror of what I was. Sad because we didn’t understand anything. They were things that were getting out of hand. Then it was proven that I was not guilty of anything. Yes, my way of playing is very different from what I am in real life. All my teammates know it and we supported each other, which was difficult because the wave was overtaking us ”.

From what happened with Neymar and his accusation of racism, the Marseille central defender only wants to think of a misunderstanding and not in bad faith. “Honestly, I want to understand, hopefully so, he did not understand a few words at a time when the game was getting out of hand. The game was very hot, as in all derbies. I think the defeat hurt them, it was my first Clásico and I think you have to learn to lose ”, he stressed Alvaro, who noted the support of “all my colleagues, they know me and they know how I am. It’s what I take with me when I retire. I want to mention Toko Ekambi who has been in the most complicated moments and is from a Marseille rival. And also Lucas Peros, who has acted as a psychologist ”.

The magnitude was so great that it went through Álvaro’s head to leave Ligue 1. “I have not come to consider leaving football but leaving the club. I was face-to-face at all times. It is impossible for a racist to live in Marseille, before he dies. I was overwhelmed by everything, I wanted to talk, it was a very difficult moment. I told the coach and club that since my word was not trusted I did not want to be there because I want to be calm. The club supported me. I told them that I didn’t need money, that we were breaking the contract … I have spent the best stage of my career in Marseille and the club was with me until the sentence came out ”.

“It has been difficult for me not to speak before. As hot as I am in the field outside I think about things a lot. It was two things. The wave totally surpassed me, they came from all sides and counteracting Neymar was going to give me a lot of fame, but I was going to lose. You have nothing to do against it. And after the club spoke to me, they told me that they would support me and that we would do it calmly. They told me that we were aware that justice had to be fair. We will be victorious and that will be better than speaking against Neymar“Continued the former Villarreal and Spanish.

In fact, both coexisted in the trial with Ligue 1 virtually, where Neymar was also accused of insulting Sakai in a racist way. “There is nothing. They tried to look at all the images, they called the four referees and the only good thing about COVID is that you can hear everything. The referees were in the face to face with us and came to my defense. In the end we learned that Neymar had his own camera during the game and neither there. Lip experts were hired who couldn’t find anything and I asked them to solve it in the first week. It has made me very long ”.

So much was the impact that he had to speak with a sector of the Marseille fans. “They told me that I had their full support and I told them the same as the president and the mister. ‘If I don’t have your support, I’m going to go and then you’ll know the truth. That I am neither racist nor guilty. You can call me all kinds of insults in the field but let him stay there. ‘ I went face to face with them and they understood me, because in the end the supporters support us every weekend and I wanted them to know it ”.

They are many years of work. My parents have instilled in me some values ​​and in the end neither Neymar nor anyone else is going to throw it to the ground”, Álvaro settled the issue, who has been close to being in Luis Enrique’s pre-list for the Spanish National Team. “They gave me the news, which is unusual, and within all the blackness that the tunnel saw, I realized that I am at my best and that is reflected in the fact that others follow me and take my work into account. Being in the National Team is a dream for me ”.