Álvarez believes that Eibar can make a ‘difficult game’ against Real Madrid

The Eibar midfielder Sergio Alvarez has stated this Wednesday that if the team is “intense”, “competitive” and reflect their “ideas” they will make Real Madrid a “difficult game” this Saturday in el Di Stefano Stadium.

Despite the difference in ranking, with the Real Madrid chasing the lead and Eibar in relegation places Alvarez has considered that “the tonic of equality during practically all the league matches is being notorious this season”.

“The team is competing face to face against practically any rival, despite the fact that it is a supposedly superior team and what we are going to look for this weekend is that, knowing that they have very good players,” he has abounded.

The key to a positive result against the real Madrid It happens to be “solid”, and try to capture his “game”, since he is aware that in a game like this, you cannot “spend 90 minutes” defending.

He believes that they also have to try to have their “opportunities” and “try to minimize” the errors or if “possible”, not commit “none”.

The cmidfielder Asturian knows that Eibar is in a “complicated” situation, but thinks that there are still “enough” points and games left to reverse it and he is “sure” that they will achieve it.

“We have a squad – he said – and a level to turn this around and to achieve the goal we all want. Due to small details, the games are slipping away from us, it has been the trend of the season, because in few games we have felt inferior to ourselves. rival”.