Alonso warns all his rivals: ‘The objective is to attack from the start’

Fernando Alonso could not go in person to the presentation of the Alpine A521, which will be his new car on his return to Formula 1 in this 2021 season. However, he did not miss a detail of the event from his home and did not hesitate to show his excitement after the decoration of his new jewel was revealed. “What a marvel,” said the Asturian through social networks, accompanying his comment with an emoticon of a face with heart eyes. It is clear that the Spaniard loves the appearance of his A521, and now it will be necessary to see if the car, in addition to being beautiful, meets the expectations of a team that sets high goals from the start. The most forceful, to fight for podiums in this 2021.

In that sense, despite the fact that Alonso has already been repeating for months that it is impossible to predict the position on the grid of this car until the season begins, although he hopes to be fighting to lead the middle zone, he was ambitious in the statements that Alpine issued by the Asturian through a statement.

“I am very excited to be back in Formula 1 and to be part of the next chapter of the Alpine F1 Team in this sport. I have worked hard to prepare to go back to racing in Formula 1 and the goal is to attack from the start. Driving the car for the first time will be a very exciting experience and I hope that both factories can save the moment, ”said the Spanish driver, eager to get on his new machine now.

“We have a strong team and together with Esteban (Ocon, his partner) we must continue from last year and obtain results.. We know it will be a very competitive season, but we are up to the challenge. The car looks great and I have good memories of racing in blue in Formula 1. “

The interview shared by Alpine with Fernando Alonso:

How do you feel about your second stage in F1?

“I feel great and in the best shape I’ve been before, both physically and mentally. I have been preparing for this comeback for quite some time and I have a new motivation. I’m ready!”

What did you miss the most about the sport in your absence?

“Honestly, I was so busy with other challenges that I didn’t miss anything in particular. But I followed the sport and felt part of that environment even if I was in another paddock or series ”.

What excites you about this opportunity with Alpine F1 Team?

“This is a fantastic opportunity for us. We have accomplished so much together in the past that our lives will be linked forever, so working with the people of Enstone and Viry again really motivates me, because I have a lot of respect and trust for this organization. “

This year’s car is very much an evolution of the 2020 car. Is that good or bad for you?

“Well, I’m not thinking if it’s good or bad at the moment. It’s the rules for this year and I knew it when I decided to join the project. In a way, a completely new concept and set of rules might have been welcomed in 2021, but at the same time, it will be good to take this year as a building block in terms of getting back into the sport and working towards the future from within the team”.

What are your goals this season with Alpine F1 Team?

“I want to improve even more as a driver. I took a lot of learnings from the last two years outside of sport, and I want to consolidate and apply them in F1. For example, different racing philosophies, driving techniques, and approaches to work ethics. In terms of results, it is very difficult to predict. Last year the group of midfielders was very close, so this year anything can happen. “

How did you find your Abu Dhabi experience in the seat of an F1 car?

“I really enjoyed it. After attending a few races last year, I was really looking forward to a chance to drive the car, and I was able to do it after the last race of the season. Part of the joy of driving the car last year was how good it was to start working with the group of people that I will have on my side of the garage this year and build some momentum with them. “