Alonso: ‘This year I see Àlex Palou as IndyCar champion’

Fernando Alonso has no doubts. “I see Àlex Palou as the IndyCar champion this year”, said the Oviedo in an event of Alpine on Barcelona, without the slightest hesitation. “A Àlex of course I follow him, and the truth is that he is a phenomenon. This year I see him as a champion, I see him as a champion because he is the most constant, the best ”, The Asturian commented to the Spanish press about a pilot with whom he shared asphalt last year in the mythical Indianapolis 500, and that this course, from a distance, is dazzling you with its piloting.

Palou is the current leader of the IndyCar with 384 points, 39 more than its pursuer Duck O’Ward, and 56 more compared to his partner and current champion Scott dixon. The 24-year-old pilot from Sant Antoni de Vilamajor (Barcelona), is fulfilling a dream that in 2017 revealed to Mundo Deportivo. On that occasion, before
shine fighting for the title of the prestigious Japanese Super Formula
, declared MD in 2017 that, without enough money to aspire to be in a great Formula 1 team in the future, he knew that if he made it to the ‘Great Circus’ it could only be in a modest outfit, something he rejected. “F1 is not a goal that I set. If you do not have money or a great last name at most you will opt for a car that is 4 seconds from the leader. I’d rather win races elsewhere than be last in F1, “he pointed out at the time.

“I want to fight to win”, He said. Wherever it was. I just wanted to pilot and fight. And when he was able to stand out in his first year in Japan, in 2019, he made it his dream to get to IndyCar. That became a goal after dazzling Asia, and finally in a whole reality. And in his first year in the United States, last year, with one of the most modest teams and without a main sponsor in his car, he caught everyone’s attention with a podium in Road america and sneaking into the top 9 in the ranking of the IndyCar in his first participation.

This course, already with one of the best structures in the championship, the Chip Ganassi team, is astonishing everyone. He won the first race in Alabama and also conquered Road America, was third in three more races and second, bordering on victory in his second Indianapolis 500, again slipping into the top 9 on pole. In this way, it is more than fulfilling what was proposed a few years ago.

“It can have an impact beyond your victories.”

Thus, Fernando Alonso He wanted to highlight his history and his path as the example to be followed by the new generations that cannot reach Formula 1.

“I am very happy, because having a young Spaniard who is triumphing in Indycar I think is good for everyone. And I open my eyes a little to new generations as well, that Formula 1 is very good, but there are only 20 drivers in the world and they are not going to be able to get there. And the IndyCar is fantastic. I don’t know if it will be like F1 or not, but it is fantastic. And the WEC (World Endurance) is also fantastic. There is a lot of engine that is not Formula 1 and then, the new generations, the children, will dream of F1, but if they do not arrive it cannot be a frustrated dream, it has to be a passion for the engine. And then, what Àlex is doing I think may have an impact beyond his championship and his victories “said Fernando about Àlex, whom he undoubtedly sees as “Champion this year.”