Alonso sends a message: ‘Now I know what can be done’

In his rentrée in Formula One Fernando Alonso continues taking notes and is torn between the complaint and the fine irony against all those things that happen on the track and cry out to the sky and that Race Direction does not solve and they have accumulated in these almost 15 days at the Red Bull Ring. Even so, the Asturian from Alpine F1 adds up and continues scoring from Baku and took a point this Sunday that he barely had a day before after what happened at the end of Q2 and that condemned him to start 14th on the grid.

“A little surprised or frustrated by the first corner. I passed Leclerc and Ricciardo at the start, they passed the first corner and finished seventh and eighth. It is very good to go off the track because, of course, you save a lot of traffic in the first part of the race, instead of going in the group of 14 or 15, you go in the group of 10 and it is … interesting Let’s leave it there, for the next races I know where to go and where not to go, so well, we learn things ”, he analyzed the DAZN F1 microphones in the playard for televisions at the Red Bull Ring.

And in the face of these aggressive and permissive ways in the first lap, the Asturian says that “no, nothing, nothing, this cannot be discussed with race management, he sets the level of what can or cannot be done, it is like a referee. If a defender takes the ball with his hand in the area, takes it out of the area and begins to play in the center of the field without anything happening, in the next game we will all do it ”.

Regarding the race this Sunday, he highlighted that “we have had to fight a lot and he knows how to score a point and continue the streak of every Sunday to be adding points, a good regularity in Q3 and top 10 in the race and I’m happy for that”.