Alonso: ‘Sainz’s victory will come’

Ferdinand Alonso was satisfied with his career in Monaco starting from the 17th position, 16th after the abandonment prior to the GP of Leclerc. He could not do more than he did, which was to finish 13th in a date in which it is very difficult to overtake. He managed to win two positions in a good start and another place in the strategy, something for which he was satisfied. But it could not be because of the performance of a car that was not up to Ferrari and Mclaren on a track with such high downforce.

“We started on the 17th and ended the 13th. The truth is that it was difficult. Two positions seems to me that I have won in the start with Tsunoda and Russell in turn 3, so what could be done was done. But the weekend has been disappointing in terms of performance “The Asturian commented before the ‘DAZN F1’ microphones, before congratulating Carlos Sainz for the podium achieved in Monaco.

“Very happy. The truth is that in Monaco it is difficult to overtake, it is difficult to do anything and when he finished fourth yesterday that possibility of a podium escaped, but the truth is that today with Bottas and Leclerc (who left) I knew that he was second and he looked at the screens and said ‘if something happens to Verstappen, victory’. But hey, it couldn’t be, but it will come in the future “Commented the man from Oviedo about the man from Madrid.

Fernando Alonso, at the 2021 F1 Monaco GP