Alonso reveals the reason for his improvement

Fernando Alonso already said in Barcelona that he was waiting for a modification in the assistance of his power steering to drive more comfortable and that his “new World Championship” would start from Paul ricard. He was not wrong. As already counted MD in May, with the precise explanation of Pedro de la Rosa, the improvement in assistance should provide greater sensations to the Asturian, be much more tactful when entering a curve in terms of the front tires, something also key for his temperature management and degradation and to have a better qualifying rhythm and long run. Now, after the great step forward taken by the Asturian in recent races with respect to his teammate Esteban Ocon, the Oviedo rider went into more depth about this detail.

“Am I enjoying these first races? Well … I would say a lot, a lot. On weekends, on Fridays, training sessions, the improvements to the car that you are making during the sessions little by little, the races, the pit stops, the work with the engineers… I think I have enjoyed it almost fully. But when it comes to driving I have encountered new challenges, not with the return to F1, but more specific with Renault as a team. “, pointed this week in an event of Alpine in Barcelona before entering the matter.

“Renault in recent years has evolved towards a type of power steering and front suspension configuration that gives certain sensations in the hands at the wheel,
when you turn in the curves, which I was not used to, or from which I in recent years had evolved with another philosophy, Y I think that is a bit what is happening to Ricciardo in the opposite way “, he pointed out, in turn, giving an important clue to what could be happening now to Daniel in McLaren coming from a Renault with a very different power steering system from the one in Woking, where Fernando was precisely in his last years before leaving F1.

Fernando Alonso, at an Alpine and Renault Spain event with the Spanish press in Barcelona

“Likewise, that lack of sensations did not make me fully enjoy the ‘feeling’ that the car gives you, of knowing how much grip the front end has at the moment of cornering. You don’t have that feeling. But yes that from Monaco and Baku we made some changes and I’m enjoying it more. And Austria 1 on the clock it was fantastic to drive the car with little gas, feeling the grip and completing some good laps, and in Austria 2, better, the test is Q3, if it goes well … And now we go to Silverstone, with fast corners, which will be spectacular to drive there “, he added the ovetense. Although he already said in the past Spanish F1 GP, months ago, that at this point in the course, and with a change in regulations as large as that of 2022, it was not possible to change the philosophy of the car, it does seem clear that Alonso will be able to modify this crucial starting characteristic in the car of the next course.

“There is always some possibility and you always have hope”

Although his car is not there to fight for podiums, now Alonso can make the most of the Alpine and seek to add presence in Q3 and points in each race, although making clear another key point: how much the performance of each car varies, in a way unexpected, from race to race depending on the temperature and the type of circuit, something that has been repeated on multiple occasions this year, without being able to understand the behavior of the tires. Of course, although he knows that under normal conditions it will be difficult for things to change in the order of the grid, he does not rule out that someday opportunities may open up to obtain a great result.

“This year there have been very clean starts, nothing has happened, but that can change in a weekendNow that Silverstone, or Hungary, comes along and the two Mercedes and a Red Bull or something are touched and there are three suddenly off the list. Then the opportunity may come. It happened in Monaco, where Charles did not go out and Bottas stayed in the pit stop for a whole day … or in Baku, where Hamilton left, Verstappen blew the wheel … There is always some possibility and you are always hopeful “He said about giving the bell in a race.

Fernando Alonso, with his Alpine

Fernando Alonso, with his Alpine

“I do not know if it has agreed that Ocon is more uncomfortable”

At the beginning the tires did not feel very good. I want to think that that was the part that I was missing the most in the first races and that this slowed me down a bit in terms of performance. But now I am happier, I am more comfortable with the car. I don’t know if it coincided with the fact that he is more uncomfortable or it was just a natural progression that we all had in the first races ”, explained Fernando regarding the drop in performance of his teammate Ocon, although he was sure that the Frenchman would not take long in recovering its best version.

Now I’m happier, I’m more comfortable with the car

“You have to remember, for example, that Tsunoda is his first year in F1 and that the first races for him were a bit of an upline and adaptation… Ricciardo comes and goes a bit in terms of performance… Vettel… I don’t know exactly the problems Esteban, but surely he will be super competitive shortly, “he concluded in this regard.