Alonso reveals his priority for Barcelona

After three races after his return to the Formula 1, Fernando Alonso is very clear about his priority for him F1 Spanish GP this weekend. The Spaniard continues to make progress in his process of adaptation to the top category of world motorsport after two and a half years away from the ‘Gran Circo’ and wants to take another key step in a home race that will be absolutely crucial for him.

The Oviedo, as part of the learning period behind the wheel of the AlpineWith the aim of continuing to connect with his car, he will arrive at the home track with the main goal of improving in a fundamental aspect for Sunday’s race, qualifying. The Spaniard was not satisfied with his performance in the qualifying sessions of Imola Y Portugal. In the Italian test he said that he had not been at the right level and that he should continue to improve. But in the Portuguese event, he said he did not understand the sudden drop in performance of his car compared to the times he achieved in free practice. Whatever, Ferdinand You know you have to put your head down to work focused on pushing the limits of your car in pure performance, one of the most challenging tasks for someone adjusting to a new car.

I am looking forward to arriving in Barcelona. I have to put the treads on the chrono

“We will try to classify better in the next races, especially in Spain and Monaco, which are going to overtake very badly.
I am looking forward to arriving in Barcelona. We did not do preseason in Barcelona this year so it will be riding there for the first time with these cars and it will be a challenge. The chrono, which has been regular in the last races, both in Barcelona and in Monaco is going to be the most important thing of the weekend, so I have to put the batteries in that aspect and I will try to improve “, commented the Asturian after his eighth place in the Portuguese GP.

Barcelona, ​​the best place to take a step forward

In this sense, the Catalan track is the best scenario for the Asturian to continue his progression on his learning curve. It is the route that he knows best, the one that can corroborate the most data with the team simulator, the one that offers the most sensitivity to the pilots in their different curves and has sectors with such differentiated characteristics that it will allow the team and the Oviedo to fine-tune the setting. point of the car, better understand its behavior, its weaknesses and strengths, and in turn, understand how to improve it for the rest of the season.

All of this should allow the Spaniard to take a huge step forward in his adaptation to the car in order to reach his best driving level., not only to a turn, but also in the management of the tires and their race pace.

In full learning

The Spaniard progressed in the Portuguese race, where he said that he still faces situations that still do not come out automatically. “It has not been easy to adapt and to have feelings of going so close to each other, I keep learning with each lap I take, I keep getting used to it and I keep improving.. Although it sounds quite obvious, as I said in Imola, every time there is an exit and there is an overtaking, a ‘Safety Car’, all those buttons, all the things you have to do come out more and more automatic and you don’t have to think about them ”, expressed in ‘DAZN F1’.

Where is Alpine really?

For its part, Barcelona will be essential for Alpine to define its development program for the remainder of the season and draw exact conclusions about a car that in Imola Y Portugal showed two very different images. On Portimao, the blue car was strong in the fast sector and had a good race pace with a car capable of fighting with the
Ferrari and McLaren in the upper part of the middle zone. However, it left more doubts in its passage through the curve and aerodynamics. All of this can be seen in Barcelona, ​​the perfect circuit to know where to focus on improvements.

In this regard, Alonso was confident after the race that eighth place fell short for the car they had in Portimao: “I think we had a better car than to finish eighth. I think we could have made sixths, maybe, fifths I don’t know, because the car went very well. But I’m happy to finish and add those kilometers ”.

Crucial appointment to think about 2022

All this will help Alpine decides when to stop the evolutions of this course to put all the meat on the spit in the creation of the car of 2022, the car with which the French firm and Alonso want to fight again for everything due to the huge change in regulation that will be implemented next year. In fact, Alonso returned to Formula 1 due to these changes in regulations. It is your great goal. Meanwhile, he prepares during this course to reach his best level. He wants to get to the top of 2022.