Alonso: ‘If we do what we have planned, we will fight for World Cups’

He knows that he does not have a car that allows him to win from now on, but this, far from being a factor against, Fernando allows you to have a broader vision of the Alpine team, the ambitions of the project that is starting with the French structure and the long road that still has to be found with its set to get to the place where you want to be: fighting for victories and titles. . For now, in 2021 he will have to adapt again to the competition after two years of absence from the F1, and it will do so with a Alpine A521 that should allow him to be in the fight for the first positions of the middle zone. Although this course has to battle far from the positions of honor, this will allow him to arrive as well prepared as possible to a 2022 in which Fernando and Alpine focus all their efforts for the creation of the car for next year, aware that they do find The key with the huge rule change that will be implemented, they could fight to turn their ambitious goals into reality from next year.

For all this, Fernando Alonso, in his first official press conference on his return to F1, made it very clear that his return to F1 is due to the fact that he feels in his “best driving moment”And with the feeling that he still has “A lot to do” in F1. It refers to re-winning races and titles. To be in the ointment for everything. You will work for it with Alpine, but as you recall, it cannot be guaranteed. Now, however, he has to lower his head and work, starting with this Saturday, the day on which he will debut at the controls of his new car on the second day of testing.


“The reason for my return is because I felt that I was at my best level in the last two years and in the last months I felt that I was driving better than ever and I had to make a decision about what would be the next challenge after Le Mans and IndyCar. and everything else I’ve tried. I thought that being at my best maybe F1 had to be the place where I had to be and I will have time in the future to rethink some of the challenges that I have not finished yet. That’s the main. I feel like I have something left to do in F1, to win races or championships. For this, I think you need more than your motivation and your beliefs, you need the package, luck, inertia, it’s something that we have to build with the new Alpine, with the team. I can’t guarantee it, but we will fight for those victories and those championships in the future if we do everything we have on our mind. But we don’t compete alone ”.


“We have to maximize and reach perfection every weekend if we want to score good points. Another challenge for everyone in the team and in the paddock, not just for me, will be the 23 races. We will have to be aware of that number of races and try to save energy when we can during the year, even during the month of June, August, September … even if you feel fresh, the more energy you save, the fresher you will be in November and December . There are a couple of things that after being away for two years I will have to relearn again and get used to it again, but in terms of driving, or the way of approaching the weekend and working with the team, I think it should all go. fairly good. I have not spent two years at home I have been competing every weekend and there should be no problem ”.


“(Laughs) It’s very different and that’s a very good sign, because if after 10 years it remained the same, that would surely not be good news. The factory has been improved, it has been updated a lot, there are many more people working now, in Viry… in France, the building has also been updated and the technological level that we have now compared to 15 years ago is very different. I am very happy with everything I have seen in the past year, having visited both Vyry and Enstone. We have very talented people in the team, great designers and technicians, some of the mechanics are still the same as my last time in the team and that takes me a bit back in time and also creates a good atmosphere. We all want to repeat the success of the past, we have new people and as I said, we are in good spirits. They are young, talented people and I think we are a good organization and we hope to be able to perform ”.

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“I think that with Stefano we have touched on a couple of points that I wanted to share with the drivers and we are happy to have had these private conversations with the leaders of this sport, as it helps us feel part of the sport and that is good. I believe that we all have a responsibility on our part, not only with our team, but towards the outside world. We are living through some very rare moments, in the middle of a pandemic, and last year what F1 did was something unique to keep the championship alive for so many races with practically no positive tests. That was a huge effort for everyone in sport, it was a message for the outside world and this kind of thing … the role that you can play in the face of the world is something that we must continue to do. And within the team it is the same, trying to motivate everyone and maximize what you have every weekend, deliver what everyone expects of you ”.