Almirón: Atlético and the shirt that Messi denied him

Rubén Almirón, father of “MiggyAlmirónplayer of the Newcaslte, He has reviewed some issues of the career of the Paraguayan international.

The parent of Michael revealed that her son is not in the plans of the Atlético de Madrid, at least she has not had contact with him. “There is nothing Atletico Madrid, no one contacted him. Rather it was a rumor from the Spanish press, “said the player’s father, in words collected by The nation.

The parent told several anecdotes, such as the one Leo Messi He denied his son’s shirt after a game. He asked to make an exchange of shirts to the Argentine star, but apparently the “10” would have rejected the proposal. “Michael it is not to change the shirts much, once he wanted to change with Messi, but he did not want to give it seems, “he said -to 970 AM radio station.

He also noted that his son is in a great moment. “Until now we have not finished assimilating everything my son generates, it gives us immense satisfaction, great pride. The affection that people give him is priceless (…) He also has that techaga’u, but he is very mature, he knows that the lock is short and he must make the most of it. His maturity is gigantic and he knows that he will have time to return and enjoy what he misses. Their career is short and they have to know how to manage the money they earn. It is the future for your children, ”he said.

Finally, about his career, he remembered that at no time did they hesitate to go to MLS to place himself under the Tata Martino.