Almería’s punch strikes a good Mirandés

The Almeria he continues on a roll and added his third consecutive victory, with which he sits in the upper zone of the table, although the 2-1 against Mirandés he achieved it with great suffering because the Burgos team made merits to equalize the score in the second half .

The Andalusian team, with seven games without losing, found a Mirandés with a daring proposal that deserved a better result because he put a lot on the pitch to achieve it.

However, he did not know how to handle the game in the areas. He sinned in defense and lacked success to value his dominance, which was almost total in the second half, with the scoreboard against, with chances to overcome a Almeria in which the meta Fernando it was key to avoiding a different result.

Round-trip match in the first half, in which Almería took advantage of the quality of its men from above to render sterile the initial dominance of the team. Mirandés, without success in the final meters.

That was taken advantage of by the Almeria to get an advantage, in minute 16, after a good action by Corpas with a final pass to Fran Villalba, who, with the right, signed 1-0.

The visiting team insisted, with more approach as the first half ended, and in an action in which the local defense was not successful, Pablo Martínez scored the equalizer in the 42nd minute.

Almería reacted instantly and Balliu He could score in 44, but he did Umar Sadiq in 46, in a play of pen between Morlanes Y Corps.

In the second half, Almería gave the sensation of having the goal closer, but Mirandés owned the ball, pushing the locals to defend themselves far behind, with hardly any options to offer a response to the proposal of the visiting team.

The domain and control of the party was Mirandés, before an Almería without capacity, even with the entry of Petrovic Y Aketxe he wanted to be master of the situation. It was not like that and Jackson, in minute 79, and Letic, in 83, they forced Fernando to show off in a phase of suffering for the Andalusian team, which was saved in 1990 after a shot from Jakson that the meta stopped on the line.

2 – Almería: Fernando; Balliu, Chumi, César de la Hoz, Akieme; Morlanes (Robertone, m.77), Samú Costa; Corpas (Aketxe, m.67), Fran Villalba (Petrovic, m.67), Ramazani (Lazo, m. 46); and Umar Sadiq (Pedro Mendes, m.89).

1 – Mirandés: Raúl Lizoain; Víctor Gómez, Vivian, Juan Berrocal, Javi Jiménez (Caballero, m.80); Javi Muñoz (Schutte, m.55), Víctor Meseguer (Lekic, m.80); Moha, Pablo Martínez (Jackson, m.67), Moha; and Sergio Moreno.

Goals: 1-0, Fran Villalba (16 ‘); 1-1, Pablo Martínez (42 ‘); 2-1, Umar Sadiq (46 ‘)

Referee: Rafael Sánchez López (Murciano School). He admonished the local Petrovic (m.89) and the visitors Víctor Gómez (m.56), Javi Muñoz (m.79) and Dani Vivian (m.89).

Incidents: Match of the twelfth day of LaLiga SmartBank played at the Estadio de los Juegos Mediterráneos without public