Almeida says agglomerations in the Metropolitan ‘are not comparable’ with 8 M

The mayor of Madrid and national spokesperson for the PP, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has stated that it was “pure common sense” that the Constitutional Courtl maintain the prohibition of the concentrations planned this Monday in the capital by the Women’s Day (8M) and has asked that it not be compared with the agglomerations that occurred in the vicinity of the stadium Metropolitan this Sunday, before the derby.

Also, he and the deputy mayor, Begoña Villacís (Cs), have asked not to oppose said prohibition with the agglomerations that occurred on Sunday in the vicinity of the stadium.or Wanda Metropolitanor before the derby Atlético de Madrid-Real Madrid, since “they are not comparable terms”.

After the institutional act of City Hall for the 8M, Almeida has affirmed that said agglomeration “should not have happened”, but “it does not mean that, for this concentration to take place, feminist concentrations should have been authorized”.

“What happened yesterday was not allowed, what happened is an agglomeration of people, but there was no authorization from the Delegation of
government”, Stressed the councilor, who has made it clear that the Metropolitan Wanda “It is an image that nobody likes.”

For its part, Villacís has affirmed that the prohibition of feminist marches and the agglomeration of athletic fans on Sunday “are two events that have absolutely nothing to do with each other and are totally different.” “There are simply people who skip the rules to the bullfighting,” said the deputy mayor.