All the keys to ‘Mask Singer 2’ on his return to Antena 3

More secrecy that increases the mystery and anxiety of the viewers and a masked casting full of surprises. The second edition of “Mask Singer: guess who sings” arrives this Monday, May 24 at Antena 3 loaded with ingredients to try to overcome the success of the first.

Last year I said it was the best casting in the history of television, but this year it is twice as strong and we are not deceiving”, Says Javier Ambrossi, who this year returns to act as researcher for the program.

Accompanied by the actor and also filmmaker Javier Calvo, by the humorist José Mota and the actress Paz Vega (winner of the contest in the last edition), This team of researchers will have to guess who is hiding within the 15 masks that will perform musical performances on stage. And they will do it aided by videos with clues, which this year will be less clear and will be “more directed to the intuitive”, according to Ambrossi.

All this after several of the masks were discovered in the last edition before being revealed in the program due to the obviousness of the clues, which included published photographs that viewers discovered.

Secrecy has been reinforced so that the spectator can play in the most fun way possible, because if not all the magic will be lost. We have tried to make everything as neutral as possible so that the viewer can play and avoid leaks that harm the program, ”says Mario Briongos, content director for Training in Fremantle Spain.

Angel, Cactus, Crocodile, Dragon, Hedgehog, Flamingo, Kitten, Egg, Butterfly, Jellyfish, Girl, Little Monster, Dog, Banana and Frog they will be the masks behind which national and international celebrities will hide.

“These are people that you do not imagine can be in there, people who leave their comfort zone”, with “diverse and surprising profiles,” explained Briongos.

The program will be presented again by Arturo Valls and will be Paz Vega’s debut as a researcher, after he won the first edition of the contest with his Catrina mask.

“I really enjoyed being Catrina and now when I have put myself on the other side I see that it is very difficult because there are so many elements, you get distracted, you get excited and in the end guessing the person under the mask is almost impossible,” says the actress.

Produced by Atresmedia TV in collaboration with Fremantle Spain, “Mask Singer” is inspired by the Korean format “King of Mask Singer”, which has been adapted to different countries and that in the last edition achieved an average of 23.6 on Antena 3 % screen share, with almost 3 million viewers.

As news of this, increase the number of masks and this will make it possible for three groups to form that will duel separately in the first galas of the edition.

The program will once again have new invited researchers, who will come to contribute new ideas to the fixed panel of the format, and with new invited masks, who will resolve their identity on the day of their performance.

In addition, there will be a digital mask, the “sparkling lady”, that viewers will be able to discover through the internet and also some “gold binoculars” that the investigator who discovers the most masks will win.