All the keys to Isak’s renewal

La Real will continue to enjoy its top scorer and one of its stars next season. Alexander
Isak, whose performances in the Eurocup caused some impact worldwide despite not scoring, it remains at Real, after signing its renewal yesterday in Stockholm for two more seasons, until 2026. The termination clause goes from 70 to 90 million euros, and it is already the most high in the squad and in the history of the entity, and its record is among the highest in the squad. The footballer, thanks to his progression in these two years as txuri urdin, jumps to the first salary scale where other differential players such as Mikel
Oyarzabal, Mikel
Merino Y David
Silva, whose net salary is around three million euros.

A strategic operation

It is a strategic operation of great significance because the performance of the 21-year-old Swedish striker in these two seasons and in the four games of the Eurocup It had aroused the interest of several large teams in Europe, who, through intermediaries, had contacted the Real to find out the situation of the footballer and the availability of the club to transfer him. However, the unshakable will to stay of a player who had been interested in teams like him has weighed heavily. Chelsea, champion from Europe, the Arsenal or the Real
Madrid and before, the Rome of Mourinho and the same Barcelona.

The agreement was almost a done before the Eurocup, as it has been informing promptly MD, but it has closed in the last hours, with the trip to Stockholm of Jokin
Aperribay, president of the Royal, and of Robert
Olabe, soccer director. There were still aspects to negotiate and close with the footballer and with him Borussia
Dortmund, with whose representatives the president also met yesterday. However, for two weeks it was a fact the agreement with the German club to cancel the buyback option of 30 million euros, executable this summer and the following. La Real had to pay four more “kilos” to the Teutons, in addition to the 6.5 paid two years ago for a total of 10.5. In any case, a brilliant operation by the Royal.

Isak dazzled with his performances especially in his first two games of the Eurocup, in view of Spain Y Slovakia, game in which he was decorated with the award for ‘Man of the match’. She ended her participation in the continental tournament last Monday after being lowered Sweden
Ukraine in the extension. The footballer will return to Zubieta two and a half weeks later than his peers, specifically on July 26. Now, after signing his renewal in his country, he is enjoying a well-deserved vacation after two very intense years with the Real and with his national team.

He yearns to return to Anoeta

Already renewed, the Real striker, who has scored 33 goals in 89 games with the elastic txuri urdin, sent a message to the supporters txuri urdin: “Fans, I really want to see you in the stadium, we’ll see each other soon” . The message of Isak After its extension until 2026, it is music to the ears of a hobby that has adored him since he saw him in his first friendlies two years ago and that even coined a very popular song for months, only silenced by the pandemic: ‘Oé, oé , oé, oéééé, Isak, Isak ‘. Heard it in the Bernabeu, on Miranda and a few times in Anoeta, until the coronavirus emptied stadiums.

That affection from the fans has surely been decisive for the striker to stay in the team with which he has won the Copa del Rey: “I’m looking forward to continuing to play for you. Aúpa Reala ”, he concludes. That moment may come on August 22, on the second matchday, first at home, against Rayo.