All the judicial battles between Rocío Carrasco and Antonio David

Since the relationship between Rocío Carrasco and Antonio David deteriorated, in 1999, there are many legal battles that both have fought.

There have been family problems that you have never wanted to answer in public, until now. Telecinco has just announced a series of documentaries in which Rocío Jurado’s daughter will speak for the first time about the thorniest issues in her life, Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive.

In 2005 the lawsuits began for the different statements made by Antonio David in the media. Rocío has filed a dozen lawsuits for violation of the right to honor, but also for revealing details about the inheritance of Rocío Jurado.

Lin custody of their children It has been another of the points that the ex-partner has faced the most in court. After going our separate ways, flowers he had to pay his ex-wife 841 euros as alimony for his two children, Rocío and David, amount that was reduced to 540 euros when obtaining joint custody in 2003.

However, in 2010 Rocío Flores sued the Sálvame collaborator for not meeting this financial obligation and asked him for compensation of 16,000 euros and a penalty of 24 months’ fine. The judge did not see criminal relevance to the non-payment of alimony, and acquitted Antonio David.

In 2016, her young son decided to move to the home of Antonio David, where his older sister already resided, however and being still a minor, he also raised different disputes in the courts, since it also coincided with the link between Rocío Carrasco and Fidel Albiac.

In March 2017, Rocío Carrasco went to the Gender Violence Court to ratify before the judge in charge of the case the complaint filed against Antonio David, in which he was charged with the crimes of alleged “psychological injuries and” violation of custody rights. ”.

“I love my father as much as my mother, despite the distance. It is real. I’d love for you to see it. I would love to have a good relationship with her. It can not be? Well, it can’t be, but I would love to. I have never denied it, “said Rocío’s daughter in a recent interview.