Alice Campello reveals her desire to expand the family with Morata: ‘We would love to adopt’

The model Alice campello He has turned to his Instagram profile, in which he has more than 2.4 million followers, to submit to a ‘question and answer’. Among other things, the Italian has confessed her desire to expand the family with the footballer Alvaro Morat
to, with whom she has 3 children in common, and has spoken about the difficult postpartum she has gone through after the birth of her youngest child.

“My husband and I want to adopt. We talk about it a lot and I think it will be something that we will do in the future, we would love it. We want two more children ”, explained the Italian businesswoman, who is already the mother of Leonardo, Alessando and the little one Edoardo.

Alice Campello and Álvaro Morata with their three children.

On the other hand, Alice has sent a message of encouragement to all women who are suffering postpartum. “Now I am psychologically well but I have had a difficult time. I would like to speak it well another day to help women who are going through the same thing, “he said. “I want to tell you that it is normal to go through difficult times because it is a very big change … It is a matter of finding the balance. Everything happens. After the first 2 or 3 months everything is great and it returns to normal ”.

Asked about the personality of the three little ones in the house, the young woman transmitted that “Leonardo is very sweet, he spends all day giving me kisses, but he is very busy.” “Don’t stop for a minute. It is the same as Álvaro. Alessandro has a unique character, he is very strong. He is very stubborn but very intelligent, he understands everything. He is also sweet but in his own way, when he wants. Edoardo it is very quiet and good. He laughs all day, he never cries, “he said. Alice.