Alfredo Urdaci asks RTVE for 300,000 euros

It has been almost 17 years since Alfredo Urdaci stopped appearing on the air as head of La1’s nightly newscast. It was in 2004 when he was dismissed from his position and requested a 10-year leave of absence after which he asked to rejoin the public entity.

His request was rejected, and so it was repeated three more times until 2018, which is why the journalist decided to take the case to trial.

It is expected that this same month of July the litigation will start, in which Urdaci will request the reinstatement to his position in addition to a compensation of 300,000 euros.

If justice agrees with him, Urdaci I would not return as head of the information services, but as editor, which was the place that the journalist got in 1985 through an opposition.