Alexia Rivas, harassed by a tv colleague: ‘He has made my life a complete hell’

TO Alexia rivas the dwarves grow back. When it seemed that everything was joy and happiness for the journalist, problems again. Now, with a “famous television paparazzi” whom he repeatedly classifies as “stalker”. Despite the fact that, at all times, he avoids giving names, everything indicates that it would be Jordi Martin, with which he already had them when the soap opera of the ‘Merlos Place’.

Now, after two years of suffering in silence, the former reporter from ‘Socialite’ He has decided to pluck up his courage and report what happened. He has done it through a long text that he has shared on all his social networks and that says the following:

“In August 2019, after 8 months of intense and continuous harassment that made my life a complete hell, I denounced a well-known paparazzi on television. A quick hearing was then held in which, given the intensity of the harassment and the coercion and threats that he had been suffering, a precautionary measure was adopted consisting of the prohibition of communication and approach”.

“Before criminally denouncing him, I informed my bosses of the facts. Despite these measures, the harassment, coercion, threats and psychological pressure it has not descended an iota on my person at any time, but now it does so indirectly and sibylline ”.

“As anyone who has suffered this situation knows what it is to be afraid every time you go out, without being able to carry out the most basic activities of your life with a minimum of tranquility. Always with anguish “.

“I have been silent for two years, enduring this dramatic situation. But that’s okay now. His threat to persecute me to Honduras, where it does not reach the jurisdiction of the restraining order and prohibition to communicate with me seems so vile and despicable that I have decided to say enough “.

“It seems that it is not enough with constant humiliation and humiliation to which I have been subjected for two years, no. Now he has also decided to attack me publicly, to discredit me, to systematically attack my reputation, seriously insulting me as a woman ”.

“And he does it with the greatest of cowardice, taking advantage of the fact that the next few months I will be in the program ‘Survivors’ and I won’t have a chance to defend myself. He manifests in different messages his plan to, while I am in Honduras, insinuate by filtering to the media that I interact with businessmen for money, that I have attended parties with influential people, among other atrocities, “he concludes.