Alex Rins: ‘With’ frozen ‘engines we have an advantage’

Alex Rins, Spanish rider in the Suzuki team in MotoGP, considers that the “freezing” of the engines (they cannot evolve this season) is “an advantage” for them, given that they are the last champions with Joan Mir.

“I think we have an advantage as the engines are‘ frozen ’this year and not many riders remain in the same team. Mir and I continued and the bike was excellent at the end of the season,” he said. Rins in statements submitted by his team.

The departure of the team manager Davide brivio Formula One has been one of the great surprises.

“Yes, I was hugely surprised, just like the rest of the team. But life goes on and we have to be focused on what we have right now. The world keeps turning, the objectives do not change and my motivation continues to be maximum. I’m pretty sure that everything is going to be fine, “he said.

The third place achieved after the injury and some bad results achieved was very positive, which reinforces me for this season

Holidays are a time for reflection and preparation.

“I rested because 2020 was a great pressure and a great physical demand after the accident in Jerez, and this rest has been good for me. But it is also true that I have more desire than ever to get back on the bike and start. I have reflected on the mistakes we made last season, of course, and I hope they are not repeated, “he added. Rins.

“I am very well, I am physically very strong at the moment, which I notice especially in my bike rides, in training and in the gym. Even in the middle of the preseason I felt in very good condition, so I hope to continue like this,” he added .

The title of Joan Mir With the GSX-RR, you can be an extra boost.

“Of course it is an extra motivation, because in the end the fact that Joan won the title implies that the bike was qualified for it. Anyway, for us the third place achieved after the injury and some bad results achieved was very positive, which reinforces me for this season, “he declared.

“Our rivalry makes the bike improve, of course. But in our case it also helps to work in the box. We both strengthen ourselves by trying to go faster than the other and this helps us improve,” continued the rider.

With the engine ‘frozen’ the improvements must come “in the sections of the aerodynamics and electronics. We are working on it.”

Regarding the rivals this season Rins noted some of the favorites.

“It is difficult. We will have to see the physical state in which Marc Márquez is, which will be essential, and when he will be able to return. But, in any case, he will always be one of the main rivals. Looking at the results of last season, I would say that Morbidelli, Viñales or Pol Espargaró will be favorites, “he explained.

“I don’t know whether or not we benefit from having double races on the circuits or not. What we do know is that one of our strengths is that the bike adapts quickly to different tracks; in each circuit we run, the bike works well. “, he ended Alex Rins.