Àlex Márquez reveals that no one asked the riders if they wanted to race at Mugello

In a telematic press conference called by its sponsor Estrella Galicia 0,0, which is celebrating 10 years of support for the two-time world champion from Cervera Àlex Márquez and in the subsequent ‘one to one’ with Mundo Deportivo he has not eluded any of the burning issues such as the management this Sunday of the news of the death of the young Dupasquier and revealed that no one asked them if they wanted to race or not at the MotoGP race. In his case, he has already experienced the tragedy of Luis Salom, which is 5 years old on Thursday since he was a member of that Moto2 grid and then things were handled with great tact, the riders and the Salom family were asked.

“On other occasions the drivers or team leaders have been asked. Of course, no one asked me anything. It was all very strange and very hard and maybe it was not managed in the best possible way. Racing for Jason was maybe the best thing we could do, but I’m not the one who should decide, ”said the LCR Honda rider.

“There are no words to describe what we felt. We have lived these moments like when Luis Salom happened at the Catalunya circuit, which was a Friday and the family was there at the end and they said they wanted the race to take place and they were asked and also the pilots and we were next to the family and if they believed that the GP had to be followed, then go ahead. This time it was very difficult, in the end you found out just before the race. I remember that I was in the box going over a bit of everything we had to do for the race, telemetry and everything, and finding out at that moment was hard, the minute of silence before the race “

“It is clear that they are things that have to be done and they are there, but for a rider it is not easy at all to be on the starting grid, but life goes on. Jason probably would have liked us to have run, as we did, which was the sport he liked the most and was passionate about. We tried to do our best, surely all the riders, but it was very intense for all of us “

And he revealed that perhaps the way of handling the matter by those responsible was not the most successful. “It was a strange and very contradictory feeling because of the way the situation was handled

Asked by this means what your decision would have been if you had been asked has affirmed that “In the end at that moment we all decided in some way that yes because if not someone would have stayed in the box, I want to think that in some way the family was told, it is the only consolation that I have as to why he did the race, I suppose the organization discussed it with the family and decided that yes, it is the only point where he could understand it “

“If the family says yes, as happened with Luís, go ahead, but it was a difficult situation. With Luis it was a Friday and we ran on a Sunday, there was a little more time, not to accept that it is difficult to accept when these things happen, it was very hard but it was very different, the family was consulted, a Safety Commission was discussed. there were many things. Here it was so fast that it was not easy to manage, but I also understand Dorna’s position. It’s very difficult to manage something like this when it happens during a Moto2 race. It is very difficult, I suppose it will be discussed at the next Safety Commission. Unfortunately we are in these situations exposed to this and things have to be discussed ”.