Àlex Márquez: ‘I’m not at my best, there are many things to improve’

The two-time world champion Àlex Márquez In the paradigm of why a sponsor like Estrella Galicia decided 10 years ago to invest in the Motorcycle World Championship, they wanted to support the career of a young rider and take him to the highest category and the rider from Cervera has been its maximum exponent, first achieving his titles Moto3 and Moto2 world championships in the colors of the brewery and now as a personal sponsor. During the week of the Gran Premi de Catalunya he spoke at a telematic press conference in which he acknowledged that “I am not at my best. There are many things to improve and I am the first to do self-criticism “

“I’m not at my best as a rider to squeeze the bike and get the most out of it. I hope to get rid of that ‘thorn’ and go back to being the Álex of last year or the beginning of this in Qatar. I have the same pressure as last year. I am not getting my maximum, hopefully I can remake myself a little in Montmeló, where last year I had good feelings ”, he explained to the media.

“It is a moment where everything has to add up. The way I insist that I have with things is the best way for these situations. The pressure is the same, I put it on myself and I know that I am not giving the results. I hope to catch the bull by the horns and move forward with a situation that is not good, ”reiterated the two-time champion.

His problem is that “I’m not feeling that confidence that we riders need on the bike. With that confidence, it is when I ride the way I like it and I get one hundred percent. But now we are going to Montmeló, a circuit that I like and that I know with MotoGP, at home it is the best place to get a good result and have a good base for what is to come “, he predicted.

“Next weekend we will race at home, in Montmeló and we have to go with motivation. I have set a realistic goal, to be in the top10. We come from a tough weekend, difficult to manage, but life goes on, so to speak, “he explained.

In his rookie year, the atypical 2020, he conquered two podiums and finished the year in an ascending line and this 2021 after six races, he has fallen in three of the first four in which he has added 20 points – his best performance was sixth in Le Mans-. The note that is put “is difficult, I have never liked giving myself a grade but I would give myself a ‘6’, a good one because there are things to improve. The bike has more potential, we are suffering in some points but there are more things to try to get out ”.

“I want to have that confidence, improve in some points such as having a rear grip, a more stable bike, and the goal at the end of the year would be to be in the ‘Top 8’ and ‘Top 10’. First you have to be in the ‘Top 10’, then think about ‘Top 8’ or be later to finish the year, ”he said.

Regarding his brother Marc Márquez, he assured that he will be himself again as soon as he is 100% physically. “He lacks a physical part, he has discomfort that prevents him from being one hundred percent. He is suffering, and the Honda is a very physical bike and when you are not at one hundred percent and you cannot push as much as you could, problems come and everything becomes more difficult.

“But for sure we will see Marc Márquez of the saves and that he did what he wanted with the bike as soon as he was well. There is no need to panic, you have to fix a physical thing and it will be the same as before. And for Honda it is a great help that he is there, although not one hundred percent ”, he settled.