Álex Casademunt’s mother reveals the reason for the accident: ‘I’m very angry’

Just two weeks after the death of Álex Casademunt, his mother Rosa has granted his First interview. It was for the Telemadrid program ‘Together’ and there he confessed the reason for the terrible accident: “I am very angry because he has gone in a very silly way. For going fast “, explained the woman, confessing that speed was the reason.

And we remember that the former contestant of ‘Operación Triunfo 1’ fatally collided with a bus urban by a road in the town of Mataró. Although, at first, it was believed that the accident had been on board his motorcycle, it was finally determined that it had been in your vehicle.

However, he wanted to remember his late son with the joy that characterized him so much: “There wasn’t a single moment when he wasn’t smiling or joking. He had some boards, a brutal magic ”, continued a proud Rosa.

Finally, the singer’s mother has acknowledged that, despite being born in Catalonia, Alex He was very passionate about Madrid: “Àlex has lived in Madrid for almost 14 years, he loved Madrid. He always told us that he had thoughts of, when Bruna I was a little older, to return to Madrid ”, said Rosa.