Álex Bueno attacks Fiama after his night of passion with Manuel: ‘Let’s not be hypocrites’

The last chapter of ‘Island of Temptations 3’Is giving a lot to talk about. And it is that three pairs of participants had sex in the same program: Fiama Y Manuel, Carlos Y Lola Y Marine and Isaac. In the case of the former, it was predictable: it was the consequence of days of kisses, caresses and very fiery moments. They both ended up breaking the rules and unleashing passion in the bathroom from Lucia’s boyfriend’s room.

The next day, however, something happened that has been widely commented on on social media. Fiama collapsed and, through tears, claimed to feel bad for her lack of empathy for Lucia, the girlfriend of Cadiz. The one of ‘Women and men and vice versaHe then said that it was unnecessary for the young woman to see those images.

Well then, Alex Good, who does not miss a Mediaset ‘reality’ program, could not help commenting on the night of passion between Fiama and Manuel on Thursday and, specifically, the attitude his ex-girlfriend had the next morning. “Are you crying for hurting Lucia or for the 30 seconds of the Cádiz gunman?”Wrote the‘ influencer ’in‘ stories ’on Instagram, referring to a comment by Fiama in which he indicated the short duration of that first sexual encounter. “The thing about hurting and crying with five years is worth … But we already have an age, let’s not be hypocrites, you have been days without thinking about the other person”Added Bueno.

Álex Bueno attacks Fiama on Instagram after his night of passion with Manuel.

Álex Bueno: “You have spent days without thinking about the other person”

Álex Bueno and Fiama Rodríguez participated together in the first edition of ‘The Island of Temptations’. They went out together, but their relationship was badly damaged after their time on reality shows and they ended up breaking up. Now, the former contestant watches the program from his home and, as he assured yesterday, he is enjoying it a lot. “You are really seeing how each person is and I am enjoying it”, He assured. “Sometimes when we lose we don’t realize what we win”, He also said, perhaps thinking about his break with Fiama.

Álex Bueno attacks Fiama on Instagram after his night of passion with Manuel.
Álex Bueno attacks Fiama on Instagram after his night of passion with Manuel.

Álex Bueno’s overwhelming message for Manuel

Despite being critical, Bueno wanted to make it clear that he is not bothered by the approach of Fiama and Manuel, but rather “that people be bad or do bad things and then go good”. Of course: he did not hesitate to send a message to the man from Cádiz, who in the last program was scandalized at the stake after his colleagues told him that Lucía e Isaac they had been closer than usual. “I, Manuel, we don’t know each other at all, I see what you are doing at home and I am with you at the stake and you release those comments from your ex-partner and I get up, take the stool and throw it at your head”Bueno declared in‘ stories ’.